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Hello Its Timeless i'm Known to make Music about the univserse and world and sometimes put animations on here my videos are on youtube!
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FlyingKittyz's News

Posted by FlyingKittyz - 3 days ago

Posted by FlyingKittyz - 8 days ago

Collab was cancel due to slow working and work

Anyway sorry for the wait working on a Chillstep song you guys wanted



Posted by FlyingKittyz - 11 days ago

@TheMobKiller-GD & Timeless - Chapter 2 (Dubstep)

Coming soon

The upcoming Album: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/a3588ed89aea8e20e7ae4d15d268dd1b

You might seen this in the song list 6.0

By the way i'm going to be abum with 3 singles and one collab

thats the system




Posted by FlyingKittyz - 2 weeks ago

Hello Guys

Song list 6.0

Chapter 2 Album is almost done!

Here are the done songs 3 there will be 4

Album Playlist: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/a3588ed89aea8e20e7ae4d15d268dd1b

It will be here for a long time

Will be removed but not untill everything's done!

Timeless - Freedom Change🌌 (Dubstep)

Timeless - Neo Cat (Drum & Bass)

Timeless - The End (Dubstep)

Coming soon songs :)

TheMobKiller & Timeless - ???

No name yet as we did not start yet as i'm waiting for @TheMobKiller-GD

This will be part of the Album



Posted by FlyingKittyz - 2 weeks ago

A New Chapter

of me will start meaning we are getting more into detail since @EezySeven thinks i need to get better i will try better

(Copyright thing still getting into it)

Style of my songs

It will stay dubstep and maybe some dance songs and new stuff

There will be one theme and that will be Time and the universe since i'm into it and plus i got people behind me to support me like a game dev, My good friend Vortonox and more

Why do i do music?

My family did music for a living for longer then me since the 80s and 90s and i want to make music too since now i can

What do i mean by Chapter?

To make my music more better :)

One more thing why is people on you all the time?

I don't know people don't like me all the time by me trolling and have fun or sometimes

in Eezy's cace BEING MY SELF AND BEING SALTY. I like changing the world one step at a time by

trolling in a good way to make friends :)

Have fun and stay safe from youtube spooky copyright



Posted by FlyingKittyz - 2 weeks ago

As you may know @EezySeven gave me a copyright takedown means video taken down. You might be saying "Timeless you idot toilet move on from your bad life" I can't its like i want too but that's not how this works plus the remix is good to me becuse i put work to it and made sure i tested everything it was my first song to be a good dubstep song. (NOTE: All songs are not going to be posted untill this is done!)

@EezySeven may not know the rules it looks like and that ok

I use Fair use meaning i have full rights to making a remix thats not lazy

Like @Vortonox he made a remix i can't take it down because he use fair use he put his own work to it

@EezySeven Remove the copyright takedown and i will delete the video from youtube so i can be free

ANd remember Eezy thats not how copyright works and i don't want to do something bad to ruin @EezySeven Channel since that's unfair to snap fingers even if he hated me for RATING HIS SONG 3/1 just because i seen no pixels or is it a remix? idk maybe? Again @EezySeven we can work this out

One thing wrong with youtube right now is that you can take down videos even though you use fair use

and nobody understands what's happen as i showed alll the DM i had with Eezy and everyone just said "geez dude feel sorry for you" Yup i hate everything about the copyright System

See @EezySeven i know what i am doing when it comes to songs


I'm done trying to be nice i'm getting ready to get people who knows copyright to control this



Posted by FlyingKittyz - 3 weeks ago

Hey guys @EezySeven is at it again but this time taking down my videos on youtube for one being myself and idk about two yet

I use fair use so i can take care of this buti learn a lot of copyright rules from youtube so i understand and took a test too. If your reading this @EezySeven STOP BEING A KID and i am trying to get help from the big guys so ya

If your have smarts tell me what to do about this

I will everything with me to show you

but can't do that because i'm not using my PC

I will update this maybe if i get time (P.S Don't DM Eezy Seven or do anything to him even though he bullied me it does not mean you bully back)

Say Safe



Posted by FlyingKittyz - 3 weeks ago

Hello Guys

Song list heres but just a update to the 5.0 version foooooooooooooooooooooo

Timeless - Freedom Change (Dubstep)

Coming soon

Timeless - OOF (Dance) (Coming Soon)

Coming soon

NOTE: This blog post will change if one or two songs are done



Posted by FlyingKittyz - 3 weeks ago

Hello blocked him and removed his name so he can't do anything

(not going to say his name)

ya the remixes of him remove his name but you can find his name still if you look hard

fine his name is Eezy Seven


Posted by FlyingKittyz - 1 month ago

OK i made a remaster named Hero ll

Some reason EVERYONE liked it on Youtube and it boomed and that good

until Ezey told me to delete my remixes for who i am and that not good until i saw what he said on my song

He hated it bad and like bad and that not what you do on newgrounds to me you have to point out something wrong so you can help the person to make something better

I don't know what i did wrong but i feel like my old friend just pull the F-bomb on it and left


I just need help

Maybe i can do something about it